Advocate S Selvakumar

Mr.S.Selvakumar, M.A., M.B.A., LL.M., is a leading Advocate in Bangalore and he has been rendering legal services plans and legal advice to the public since 1984 by enlightening them about the intricacies involved in property transactions. Sri.Selvakumar is the most sought-after property lawyers in matters dealing with Property rights law and his opinions carry a special weight with the general public, banks, and builders.

Leading Property Advocates in Bangalore.

Mr.Selvakumar is one of the best real-estate attorneys in matters relating to property dealings, property tax law, land law, property management law and his opinions are of immense value to the general public, banks, developers, and builders. He is a landlord tenant attorney takes special care in scrutinizing property documents of his clients so that they do not face any unnecessary problems at later stages. He also provides legal advice to clients who faced complicated legal problems by understanding their requirements provide solutions to them. His approach towards any problems of his clients , has always been of "positive and constructive nature" by making careful analysis and handling them with utmost care and using appropriate techniques. The property documents are meticulously scrutinized for scrutiny report, conveyance deeds and other documents are prepared with utmost care, perfection and thereby providing acceptable legal solutions. He is intellectual real estate lawyer makes a strong legal foundation for the property purchasers so that they will never face any problems in future. He is commercial property lawyer who the first choice advocate various renowned property developers and builders because of his rich and varied experience of little over 36 years, coupled with masterly knowledge on property law. He has a corporate social responsibility also handles various civil matters in the High Court, City Civil Court, Criminal Courts, Debt Recovery Tribunals etc.

Mr.S.SELVAKUMAR, M.A., M.B.A., LL.M., is a leading and reputed practicing lawyer of the Karnataka High Court and other Courts. He has been providing service of prime in the legal field since 1984 to the general public with adequate knowledge about various intricacies involved in property transactions. He is specialized in "Property Laws, realtor laws and Banking Laws" and also practices in other legal areas such as Civil Law, Criminal Law, Corporate Law and other Service Matters apart from being an expert in Properties, Banking Law, child advocacy law. He has published many informative articles on property dealings and other legal services plan in leading newspapers, magazines and through interviews and discussions through T.V. Channels in order to bring awareness to the general public. He is the Editor of a monthly magazine known as "Real Estate Reporter" and real estate reporter in a Web-site on property matters.


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